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New Frog

I recently got a tiny frog to go in my beta tank, but it won't eat a thing. I can't even figure out what kind of frog it is. In the store it was labeled as a "Fat Floating Frog." It is not an African dwarf, maybe an African clawed, though it doesn't look like any of the pictures @[email protected] He's about an inch big (maybe two and a half stretched out), he's greenish brown with dark speckles, his eyes are on top of his head and his front feet are not webbed, but his snout is more pointed than round. He's very active, and prefers sitting at the top of the tank (at least I've never seen him try to go down), but as far as I know he hasn't eaten anything for almost two weeks. Any help would be appreciated!
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Hello beaucoupubebes,

I just read your post. My husband who knows a lot about fish suggests
that you go to www.****.com. Hopefully, they
can provide you with some answers. Your frog sounds cute. I hope
you find the answers you're looking for. If your frog hasn't eaten for almost
two weeks, it would be wise to figure out what kind of frog he is and what
that kind of frog eats. I'm surprised the pet store where you bought the
frog didn't know what kind of frog he is besides the fact that the frog floats.
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Hello beaucoupubebes,

I didn't know that you are not supposed to make a mention of a certain
website. That's why the small xxx's are there. My response to you
was edited by MedPost. Just wanted you to know that. I just had a
suggestion for you. Why don't you go back to the same pet store
where you purchased your frog. You could ask them what they fed
the frog you bought. You could ask them what kind of frog it is besides
what they refer to as a fat floating frog. People who work in pet stores
are supposed to know what kinds of animals they're selling. Let them
tell you what kind of frog it is and what it eats. You can tell them you're
frustrated because the frog won't eat anything you're trying to give it
to eat and you don't know exactly what to feed it because you don't
know what kind of frog it is. That's the least they can do for you.
Good luck. Hope this suggestion has been helpful.  
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