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Oscar ate my sucker fish

My young oscar is about 6 inches long and about 8 months old. We went camping the other night and when we came home, he had eaten the little suckerfish he had as a tankmate. I tried to swack him with the net, thinking he would DROP it, but to no avail. My friend caught him in the net, and tried to pull suckerfish from Oscars throat. And all that did was pull of sucker fish tail. So its been 24 hours, and he still has him in his mouth. I am concerned that either the spines have lodged in his throat, or the lips are sucking his guts. So  my question is this-what the heck do i do? is he gonna die? help me please.
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I have had to medicate discus by removing them from the tank and forcing the meds into stomach via syringe. I imagine you could try the same for your oscar. Using a hand towel or washcloth(dry)to be able to hold him without dropping him. It will probably take two people. Have some tweezers ready also. One hold and the other pry open and see if the barbs can be removed with tweezers. You need to be quick about it. I would use some antibiotic in the tank after to help with the healing and prevent infection.

Oscars are pretty much a solo fish. They are wonderful pets and get attached to their owners and will even miss you if you are away. They thrive on attention and don't need tankmates. As you have found, they are usually lunch.
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Unfortunately you have a very difficult problem to deal with. I would think that the sucker fish is already dead by noe so you should concentrate on saving your oscar.  
Please don't use a dry towel as suggested above, this will only remove the slimy coating from your fish and leave him/her open to infection.  Because of the spiny nature of sucker mouth catfish this is going to be quite a challenge.  My advice would be to use an anesthetic such as MS 222 or similar then try removing the fish from his mouth.
It may seem brutal but you may have to cut or break the spines with a small pair of pliers or wire cutters.  you will have a few minutes to work while the oscar is knocked out.
Please make sure you read the instructions carefully for any anesthetic as you could overdose and ultimately put him to sleep for good.

Good luck.
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ok they hate this flick them as hard as you can on the head 5 times then open his mouth and he'll let go or just feed him and he WILL relese the cat fish.
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