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Please help i think we have a case of fin rot

So I just got a new 125 gal tank. This tank came with two large plecos about ten tetras three swordtail, 3 platys, 1 pictus catcatfish and an Angelfish also a Chinese already eater. I added all these fish to my 110 gal tank which already included..5 plecos one larger than a foot long one large one Med and two small, also a bala shark, 2 black fin catfish sharks, 2 pictus catfish, 1 bircher (lungfish), 1 upsidedown cat fish, and a clown loach. Now I know this is wayyy overstocked but was only gonna b a couple weeks until everyone got switched over. I moved all of these fish into the 125 gal. To do this transfer I filled the tank with water let it cycle for two days, emptied half of the water then added half of the water From the 110gal. I then transfered everyone over to the 125. I did however put the Chinese Algea eater in my 55gal which only has convict cichlids. But bak to the 125 gal. I first noticed my XL plecos fins right after we moved him over I thought this was from the move. However two days later my angel is lying on the ground and fins are very stringy. Almost all others are showing signs too. 1 swordtail is missing tail, 1 tetra is faded, 3 black tetras are almost see thru on their bak fins (were like tht wen I got them thought it was normal) my black fin catfish sharks have just a couple chunks out of tailfin and everyone's fins seem to be wearing away from edges. The Ph is 7.6, ammonia is less than .5 if any, nitrate is zero, Kh is 196.9, I cannot get the gh with my liquid test kit but on the strips it reads 180 which is the highest option. I have well water but buy distilled for my tanks. I thought adding half of the 110 gal tanks water would balanceout the new tank. It did not.  I really think these new fish have brought fin rot to my tanks I need to treat my fish but I am afraid the water is too hard to affectively treaty please give any and all advice u have I would love to get this under control so we can continue the move safely. Also if u have any favorite or recommended treatments please please let me know I appreciate your time and thank you for reading !!!! I look forward to any and all replies

Thank u
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