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Surgical procedures in fish?

Hi friends.Its the first time I post here in a fish community, my place was always at the cat's one.
I never had a fish,and now I have 3 cats
But I 'd been reading a veterinarian magazine and there they relate many cases and procedures in different animals and one of those caught my atention
It was a fish disease - I dont remember the name,but is skin problem - and the procedure need was the surgical remotion of the stuff.
So I started wondering: HOW DO THEY DO A SURGERY IN A FISH? I mean,there are ways to keep him outside water for? How to measure his, well,vital signs or use anestetics?
Does anyboby here knows about? Links?
Thank you in advance.
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Here is a link to our Ask a Vet at MedHelp ... it's a good question and one I have no idea how to answer but wanted to share the link:


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Thanks for replaying I got a good place with info and here goes the link

Surgery in Fish Research: Common Procedures and Postoperative ...
www.emc.ncsu.edu/.../PUB_harms_Surgeryinfis... -
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replying ... and the stuff didnt appear as a link ...Well, well - how i miss one edit box
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