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Urgent help, Oscur Disease

hi dear all
I have bought 5 Oscurs about 2 weeks ago and at first they got white spot. I had tried to cure them by ContraSpot drug from Tetra,inc. it worked fine and they cured after some days. last night I found one of Oscurs have something like a crack on his skin, he close his fins and not swim naturally also not eating food. Unfortunately about a year ago I have seen this sign in my fish and they all died in a bad manner, first their skin cracked and then the skin was disjointed from their body part by part then the fish died, I remember their eyes became empty, too, after a layer of something white covered it and then became destroyed at all. at that time I tried blue metil and salt but they didn't worked.
I am afraid that this Oscur get that disease, too. I upload a picture of it in some directions.
now in my water there is standard dosage of Tetra ContraSpot (Mallachite Green). the aquarium temperature is 29 degree of centigrade and about 400 liter water. no active filter is used.

I have to mention that I changed whole of aquarium water 2 weeks ago and clean it completely then fill it with freshwater before buying these Oscurs, I give them freezed redworm and sheep heart which is grated and freezed also dry shrimp. Other Oscurs eats and swim very well and nothing appear on their skin or behavior.

please help me to cure this Oscur or at last survive others .

sorry for bad English.

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