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my sick oscar

hi.  i have a 29 gal.  tank that i just set up 3months ago with an tiger oscar, a firemouth and 2 black convict cichlids.  all of the fish are less then 3 inches long.  within the last week the oscar has lost alot of color and doesn't seem to eat much if anything.  the water temp is about 74 the ph, and nitrite levels are good.  i don't know what is wrong with him.  all his tank mates are doing great.  bright   colors and eating vary well.  what can i do to save my tiger oscar?  i need help.
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what are the amonia levels? a new tank is bound to have high ammonia levels and not much nitrite or nitrate yet.  Keep feedings light-once daily and only 1 or 2 flakes or pellets per fish.  
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oh, i mis-read..thought you said 3 weeks not 3 months...sorry!!
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