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I have a 75 gal sw aquarium that has been up for 5+ years now.  Recently it crashed (approx 5-6 mo ago) and hasnt recovered regardless of the water changes and filtration.  

We have a euro reef skimmer in our sump that constantly filters out the water, 4 power heads in the back, and we do at least a 50% water change every week since it crashed.  We also have a 6" sand bed.

We just lost one of our female clowns and only have one male Clarkii left.  Tons of red algae, some brown hair algae, etc.  The nitrates are 220+ ppm, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, ph 8.0, and the tank is at 80 deg. We never overfed or dump chemicals in there w/o testing.

Please help :(
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what are your salt levels? and also when you change it once a week are you putting in stress coat? and what are your levels before you change the water?
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You haven't said if your tank is a fish only setup or fish and inverts.
I think however that your nitrate levels may be to blame 220+ ppm is very high, even in a fish only setup.
What is the nitrate level in the water you are using for your water changes?  This maybe so high that you will never be able to get  the levels down to an acceptable level no matter how many water changes you do.
Recommended nitrate levels for a fish only setup are below 50 ppm and for an invertibrate setup you should aim for no more than 5ppm.

The red and brown algae will be appearing as a result of the increased nitrate which is what  they feed on.

If you havent already got any,  I would introduce as much live rock into the tank as you can get in there.  This will help reduce the nitrate and keep it in check.
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