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sick oscar

i have a 29 gallon tank with a tiger oscar and pleco in it. my tiger oscar has been having issues almost nonstop since i got him.

he came home helathy but within a few days he developed a white spot that was flat i treated him for ick and bacteria/fungus. the spot went away, but so did most of his color.

i did and continue to do weekly 25% water changes and gravel vacuuming, the water is balanced, he eats well and is active. two days ago i noticed a pinhole in his dorsal fin.

any ideas?
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Well....Having had 4 Oscars (2 currently) I understand the Oscar issues. We had 2 albinos that died of fright from all the other fish in the tank. They were healthy in the store and went right down hill once home.

Our tiger's lose color depending on what is going on in the tank (We have a 90 gal with Green Terrors, Jack Dempsy's, Angels, and ID sharks - crazy combo...LOL!!). Water changes, hostility, territory issues, all cause our Oscars to go very light in color. Do you have rocks or plants in your tank....he could have snagged himself on those. I am a preventitive person with our tanks. If he is eating and swimming fine most likely nothing is wrong with him. He might have gone light because he has no mate and so no one to color up for. Most fish color up when they have a same species tank mate to establish dominance or to spawn. I would use Melafix in the tank for 3 days at the recommended dose. It will promote fin growth and if there is anything bacterial, fungal, or parasitic it will kill it too. Then do a good water change on day 4 and see if there is some change.

How big is he? I know Oscars grow VERY fast and they should be in a minimum of a 55 gal for optimum growth and health when you have one or two of them. Ours are 5 inches (getting close to 6) and I could not fit one in a 29 gal tank. He may need more room. I would look around for a cheap used 55 gallon and see if extra room is what he is needing. The small tank may be slowing his growth which with Oscars is not healthy. They will out grow the tank no matter how small it is unlike other fish that grow to tank capacity.

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Thanks! i was just thinking that maybe he needs a bigger tank. the little guy is about 4" and just an awesome fish. he will even eat from your hand(found that out on accident!) i will try the melafix this week first. then start tank shopping.

thanks for the help :)
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i have an albino oscar about 9 to 10 inches long and have had him for several years but for the last few days has gone off his food and today is on the bottom of the tank doubled up like a  "u " shape he is not eating and when i move him he just sinks to the botom and goes on his side doubled up ........ ive just got some king british revitaliser tonic to try , whats wrong with him. he was a bit like this a few months ago and salt tonic seem to help but its much worse now. ???????
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he died last night, still laying on the bottom curled up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i ithink i fed my oscar too many fish and now he is swimming on the bottom of the tank what can i give him to make hm better he have several wholes on top of hiis head
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