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sores that wont heal

I have a roughly 8 year old goldfish. It is about 25-30cms long and about 6 months ago it developed a sore on its bottem lip. I have treated it with interpet antifungus and finrot multiple times and it doesnt look as angry for a little while after treatment, but always comes back just as bad. I was wondering if anyone had any previous experience with anything like this and if they had any advice.
The tank is 110l, has a Fluval U2 under water filter as well as a powerhead 201 under gravle filter.It has course substrate about 2-5mm in diameter with fake plants and contains only two other goldfish, three rosie barbs and a pair of bristlenosed catfish. (I know they arent perfect tankmates, but its the tank is kept at a constant tempreture. I was given bad advice when I first brought them,andamlooking to re-establish better combinations when I move house in 6 months time). I do 40% water changes every month and the current water perameters thatiknow are;
NO3 25mg/l
NO3 0mg/l
GH 21degrees?
KH 6degrees?
pH 7.2
Cl2 0mg/l
Thank  you for your time.
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