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Sugar Cravings

After each meal, I crave for sweets. What os ot that I can take for this? A friend recomnended that I take chrominum pilate
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Hi Ramme

You are certainly not alone in trying to control your desire for sweets after a meal.

The only way to stop craving for sweets is to stop eating them. The cravings do go away after about three weeks of not eating any sweets, even sweeteners. Sometimes people have to stop eating the refined flours in their meals ie the naan bread, the pasta, the breads and rolls, as they will make you crave sweets as well.

Sugar (and refined flour) is a drug, and the first sign of withdrawal from a drug is cravings.... and the more you eat / use the substance, the more you want it. The only way out of that loop is to stop the loop and go through the withdrawal ie the cravings, and irritability.

You can try to use a sweetener, though that will only substitute your craving for one sweet taste to another - it doe snot help the 'sweet tooth'.

I know that there are nutritional supplements that people use for food cravings, but this is not my expertise. Dr. James Greenblatt has written of some supplements that help with cravings, and with  eating disorders, as well as other mood disorders,and you might find some information in his books. See: http://www.integrativepsychmd.com

Hope this helps!
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