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Sugar addiction

I am addicted to sugar is there anything more better for my body that will help me come off it please
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Hi Frankie

Getting off sugar is very difficult. If you are a sugar addict, you will find a sugar detox difficult: You may experience withdrawal symptoms of cravings, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and perhaps even diarrhea, and body aches. Cravings can last for days, so trying to stop is hard going unless you get some help, esp in the first few weeks. Most people suffer when they detox from sugar, but a sugar addict who depends on sugar to manage their moods may find it almost impossible.

Can you ask someone to help you keep temptations away from you? Clearing your house of all sweets and even junk food like chips, bagels, muffins, cereals is a first step. Drinking pop and fruit juices will make you crave sugar so you will need to remove these also. Alcohol is also a problem for a sugar addict. Christmas time is coming up, and this season is very difficult because you may have lots of people offering you these items; can you have someone help you  to say no to these temptations?

Sometimes people will try to substitute by using sweeteners or eating more fruit. This may work for a few weeks, but I have found that people do better with their cravings when they stop sweeteners.  I suggest that  you eat more proteins and fats i.e. beans, eggs, nuts, nut butter, but be careful to  not over eat on these. But - don't go on a diet! There is no need to be hungry when you are eating healthily.

If you can get through the first two or three weeks, you will find that you don't crave sugar anymore and you will have a lot more energy. Your moods will improve. The goal is to eat plenty of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins.

Here is a website that has some good food suggestions for a sugar detox:
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i also want to give up sugar
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I gave up sugar by eating peanut butter and fruit only when i craved sugar and i found it to be not too difficult. Good luck to you both!!

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