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fd addiction at night

Seriously, How can I curb my late night eating snacks ? I hav gained 5 kg in less than a yr because if thus bad habits often I dont rmb what I eat after n didnt realised the amt u actually put in my stomach I want to change before things start getting worse like now I gave eaten regularly at specific timing six times a day but still I will nt give up goona to try tonight again! Just feel gd after binging hight sugary full fat carbs snacks
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I am not sure if your problem is the late night eating or the binge eating in general. Late night eating is never good since you want to give your digestive system a rest; and late night eating can also contribute to insomnia as well as obesity and mood disorders.  It is fine to have a snack before you go to sleep (some people call that a metabolic adjustment) but this should be minimal ie an apple, some cheese, not junk food. Not simple carbohydrates like chips, candy, bread etc.

You may also have something called 'Night Eating Syndrome' or midnight hunger - which is quickly being acknowledged as an emerging eating disorder. If this is the case, often treatment with an SSRI can help. Please see your doctor if you have this, or an related conditions such as 'Nocturnal Sleep Related Eating Disorder'.

If you are a food addict, binging on your addicted foods can happen at night when your resolve to not eat is at its most vulnerable. Are you a food addict? See if these questions apply to you:

1. Have you ever wanted to stop eating and found you just couldn’t?
2. Do you think about food or your weight constantly?
3. Do you find yourself attempting one diet or food plan after another, with no lasting success?
4. Do you binge and then “get rid of the binge” through vomiting, exercise, laxatives, or other forms of purging?
5. Do you eat differently in private than you do in front of other people?
6. Has a doctor or family member ever approached you with concern about you're eating habits or weight?
7. Do you eat large quantities of food at one time (binge)?
8. Is your weight problem due to you're “nibbling” all day long?
9. Do you eat to escape from your feelings?
10. Do you eat when you’re not hungry?
11. Have you ever discarded food, only to retrieve and eat it later?
12. Do you eat in secret?
13. Do you fast or severely restrict your food intake?
14. Have you ever stolen other people’s food?
15. Have you ever hidden food to make sure you have “enough?”
16. Do you feel driven to exercise excessively to control your weight?
17. Do you obsessively calculate the calories you’ve burned against the calories you’ve eaten?
18. Do you frequently feel guilty or ashamed about what you’ve eaten?
19. Are you waiting for your life to begin “when you lose the weight?”
20. Do you feel hopeless about your relationship with food?
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If you are a food addict, the good news is that once you have detoxed (that is stopped eating sugary carbohydrates completely), the cravings for these foods will diminish throughout the day including into the night. You can eat something at night, but you will not be inclined to binge nearly as much as you did before or at all.

To find out more about food addiction, please see my website: addictionsunplugged.com.

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