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how do i loose weight in such time

Hi, I'm 14 yrs old and I'm 5'4 in tall ( I think) and I weight almost 105 kg ( if specifically its 104.54 kg) the thing is I came from another country and I came here at America 2 yrs ago and I was fine back then I was fit and I move alot and eat alot but because of me being active in anything back in my old hometown which I grow up I maintain my fit and I don't get body easily but now since I got here in America and my parents just gives me anything for food I started gaining and I'm more becoming lazy and it cause me too to have breakouts at first I thought maybe because I 'm in cycle of puberty but it was not because of that its because I get lazy to clean up my self now than before like I used to take a bath  two times a day. And thing her I can't move freely like I used to cause my parents says its too dangerous outside and for me I'm to concius to go outside because I always think I'm to fat and I'm ugly.  And just lack up my self inside my room and rarely get out .. and I. To envios of my friends their just right fit to buy cloths unlike me I need to try and try make it fit on me but too tired of it I like dancing that's my hobby back then with my friends and relatives back in my hometown. But now I can't dance cause it looks weird if I do.matching my cloths back then I had no problem but now every time I try to macrth things its too ugly or its too showing my fat so I always wearing my jacket and if its even I still wear it or black clothing.I need a solution that I can do my mom doenst care of me and ignore me and my dad helps me even he's tried his worked but my mom her she only cares gambling or going to hard rock that's I'm sick of hard rock,so my question is what do I need to do that I an loose weight in a month or so and it will helped me with my Breakout and heath? Tell me what food should I eat? How many everyday? Respond if u could help me cause I can't stay like this since I'm still growing up and thank you
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It sounds like you have many issues that you are dealing with - from coming from another country, dealing with your parents whom you feel don't care about you. You are also going through a very difficult transition in your life: puberty means that your desires and body are changing. I can understand why you are so upset.

You could be at risk of developing an eating disorder - when young girls start to worry about their weight they often try to change their eating patterns. I urge you to speak to a counselor at school to help you with your struggles and to guide you in what and how you should eat.

You have good questions and you are asking for help. Please ask your teacher how you can get some face to face counseling at your school - most schools have a person to help.
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