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i want to give up sweet

Hi doctor. I am 18 and i weigh 60 kg. I gain 12 kg. Within 3 years time and i want to lose them but i cant because i cant stop eating sweet like chocolate and ice cream. I am also allergic to wheat and peanut so i dont have much choices for snack. I would like to lose 20 kg. Do you have amy diet plan for me? I would like to go for a low carb diet  and exercise. Will that help me lose my weight? How long it takes to lose 10 kg.? What i should eat instead of sweet if i get hungry?
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Hi Pondpont

It is never a good idea to go on a diet in order to loose weight. It turns out that going on a diet for that reason usually backfires, and the person ends up eating more than they did before.

It is  much better to try to change your eating habits so that you feel better physically and mentally. Eating sweets and junk foods are a problem not only because they add empty calories, but the bigger problem is that they set up cravings - once you start eating these foods, it is hard to put them down. Then you find you are choosing to eat these foods, instead of healthy foods, and usually too many of them. Chocolate and ice cream are very addictive - as there is plenty of sugar, fat and salt to give the triple whammy of addictive substance - if you find you crave these foods, you are probably already addicted to them. I am guessing that you have already tried and have found it very hard to stop. Hooked!

Eating low carb is a good idea, as it will cut out a lot of the addictive foods that are available to you. Mainly, you want to avoid eating and drinking (pop) sugar, and refined starches. Vegetables, some fat, and proteins are excellent alternatives as they are healthy, will fill you and won't make you crave. Just remember that you may find it hard to get off the sweet foods at first; it often takes a few weeks of total abstinence from sweets to stop craving them.

Those first three weeks of quitting sugar are the hardest - but if you dont cheat, it will be MUCH easier after this. There will come a time when you will look at these foods with distaste rather than longing.... for some people, as long as there is NO cheating involved, it only takes about three months.

Have a look at this website for some good dietary information. There are good suggestion for filling non craving foods. The good news is that you dont have to buy or do anything, other than avoid trigger foods.

And have a look at my website: addictions unplugged.com for more information on food addiction. If you think that you are addicted to some foods, then you will really have to be serious about stopping the sweets completely.
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