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over weight

Im 26 and realy over weight,how i can reduce my eating food,i need to lose about 20kg dof my weight
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Hi there

You have not given me enough information to know what you are eating, or if you are actually addicted to food.

I can give you a couple of tips though - that could make a big difference.
Are you drinking soda - sugar or unsweetened? If so, I would suggest that you replace that with water (not juice which is just as bad as soda for sugar content) and you may find that 20 pounds will be gone before you know it. This is the major contributor to weight gain for people in your age group.

I would also suggest that you do not eat processed food - which has alot of sugar and salt and fat - that combo is guaranteed to make a person gain weight. This means stopping or cutting back on cerials, breads, pastas, canned food, frozen dinners, junk food and deserts. It could be a drastic change from your current diet, but it will also lead to drastic weight loss back to a healhier weight.

If you find it difficult to replace these foods with healthier opitions, you may find that you are actually addicted to them. I suggest you go to my website: addictionsunplugged.com for more info on food addiction.
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