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redbull addict

I am 21 weeks pregnant.  When i was not pregnant i drank at least 1 8oz redbull daily.  Im not a coffee or soda drinker this is my main caffiene/am drink.  At about 6 weeks i was able 2 ask my dr she said noway!  But she shuns energy drinks despite pregnancy and encourages coffee. (Shes kind of old fashioned after 2 years of crossfit 8months of bikram yoga and weightlifting prior to crossfit she told me to stop).  Depending on concentration of course, most coffee has more sugar and caffiene then redbull.  I stopped for about 2 months and started having them here and there again in 2nd trimester.  Theres only 80mg caffiene dr approves up to 200mg the rest is b vitamins amino acids and your body already makes this stuff.  The baby's heart and heart rate are normal and it gives me no side effects...  any suggestions?  Sometimes i dont even drink all 8oz bc i feel guilty.
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I would not encourage you to drink something with as much caffeine as is in a red bull drink. Even if you are not pregnant, too much caffeine can cause anxiety, insomnia, increased heart rate and high blood pressure. You can get addicted to caffeine and may experience withdrawal when you try to stop.

All of this can affect your baby. You can find out more about how dangerous it is by writing to the expert in obstetrics in this forum.

I suggest you stop drinking  these energy drinks completely, at least while you are pregnant.
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