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How bad is drinking turkey hill ice tea while pregnant?beacause since ive been pregnant i drink almost nothing but tea and if i dont have it i get a major headache that nothing will take away but tea....
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You know, i have never heard of Turkey Hill iced tea! I looked it up and I am guessing that it is a specialty tea with lots of cream and sugar in it, along with the caffeine of course. If you say that you get a headache when you don't drink it, then I am almost sure you have developed a caffeine addiction and are getting withdrawal from the caffeine.

Drinking a lot of caffeine can cause serious physical and mental health problems. You can experience insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, flushed face, lack of hunger and stomach complaints. A fatal dose of caffeine would be 10 grams of coffee or about 80 cups of coffee all at once. While you are not likely drinking coffee, EVEN TEA can have lots of caffeine, especially if you are drinking as much as you say you are.

Compare the caffeine amounts:
plain brewed 8 oz coffee: 135 mg
plain, decaf: 5 mg
tea: 40 - 120 mg

Are you addicted to the caffeine? It certainly sounds like you are, but you will know for sure if you experience these withdrawal symptoms - especially if these occur 12 hours after your last drink:
headache, foggy,
depression, irritability,
fatigue, decreased alertness
If you are trying to quit caffeine, these symptoms can last for a full week.

You also say that you are pregnant. Caffeine is dangerous for your pregnancy if you drink too much. The Public Health Agency of Canada recommends that pregnant women have no more than 300 mg of caffeine a day - that is two mugs of coffee or three cups of tea. More than this could increase your risk of miscarriage or of your baby having a low birth weight. This is more reason to control how much tea you drink.

And finally, I noticed that you said that you drink almost nothing but this tea. I wonder if you might also be dehydrating yourself and also not eating properly. Remember, you are eating and drinking for yourself and your baby. Both of you need lots of water, vegetables, fats and proteins to grow and thrive. Iced tea is not part of the equation of good health.

For more information on sugar addiction, see my website: addictionsunplugged.com.
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