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Spotted feet

Hallo Dr. I have noticed since around 2005 that I have dark blotches on the bottom of my feet. They are irregular in shape. I have also noticed a few on my palms. For about 3 months now, I have this burning sensation on both legs that comes and goes and is usually worse at night. I also had a dark raised mole removed from my leg (close to ankle) that turned out to be Lentigo simplex.
My question is whether I should be worried about Kaposi's sarcoma. I have tested HIV negative up to 2 weeks ago for an incident with random woman at party of unknown status. Are such spots common since my doctor said she hadn't seen those before and do you think they are related to the burning sensations?
Thank you,
Concerned Patient
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pigmentation on the palms and soles can present when a person has the secondary stage of syphilis.  have you been tested?
you may merely have hyperpigmentation of the skin for no reason at all (idiopathic).
burning sensations in the leg can present due to nerve injury which can occur from increase alcohol intake, diabetes, medication, or circulation problems.
i would get blood work to rule out the above mentioned.
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