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Big toe and joint pain/bruising

I've had problems with my big toes intermittently for 2 plus years.  Two complaints.  
The first:  I have a large callus at the outer base of my toe pad (where the pad meets the joint of the toe--both toes).  I will get a 'poking' discomfort...as if I am stepping on a pebble.  However, I am not stepping on anything at all.  The discomfort is in the callus/joint region.  The pain happens more often if I am barefoot for an extended period of time (such as doing a lot of house work, painting, etc.).  It is always uncomfortable to press on the callused area as well.
This weekend, I had this pain again.  Tonight, I noticed a bruise on the outer part of the toe along the joint.  I definitely didn't bump it, jam it, etc.  Just a mysterious bruise.

Second problem:  Once again, if I am barefoot for an extended period, I get an intense burning in my big toes, on the outside.  The pain radiates from the joint all the way up the toe.  This happens when I immerse my feet in bath  water.  If I immediately remove my feet from the water and elevate them, the burning subsides.  If I press on the area while the burning is happening, it is numb.  Is this a neuroma?
Thank you!
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you have develped a callus which occurs when you apply increase pressure/friction to the skin.  you most likely have toes that turn towards the 5th toe.  when you walk, the foot is supposed to push off on the bottom of the big toe.  when the toe turns out, you push off on the edge of the toe (which has thinner skin).  this callusing can be hard and painful.  excessive pressure to this area also irritates the digital nerves which course along the sides of the toes.
file the calluses with a callus razor or pumice.  keep them moisturized and soft.
wear supportive shoes to offload the fore foot
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