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Broken or sprained?

I fell off of a platform, which is about 6 feet high. Landed on my left foot and right heel. It hurt immediately and has hurt since (it's now the third day after the injury). It's getting slightly better every day - meaning that I am able to put more and more weight on it. There is slight bruising on the outside / right side of my right foot. No bruising on the back of the heel, the bottom, or the left. There was very little bruising around the ankle, but there is none now. The only bruising is slight and is a quarter inch down from the ankle. The bruising has lessened as well already. However, it still hurts a lot to put my full weight on it. It doesn't hurt much when I walk gingerly on it.

The heel itself only hurts on the right/outside of the foot and on most of the bottom. There is no pain on the inside/left side of my heel. I can squeeze my heel (pretty hard) and the only pain is on the outside, none on the inside of the foot.

I can also put my shoes on and take them off with minimal pain.

I'm also stubborn and the day after the injury I mowed grass on a hillside and have walked on it a lot. I've been taking it easy the past two days.

With this description (and I know a diagnosis of this can't really be made without an x-ray), can anyone at least make an educated guess as to whether my heel is broken or severely sprained?
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sounds like you have a cuboid fracture or Jones fracture.
I suggest getting an x-ray.
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A hairline fracture can cause pain but will not cause deformity which makes a complete fracture obvious. If it is a hairline fracture it would not be able to be told apart from a sprain without an x-ray.

Just make an appointment with your doctor or go to a walk in clinic.
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