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Cuboid Fracture quesions..

Hello, I am 22 yrs old and was diagnosed with a Cuboid fracture I sustained from a crush injury on 12/16. Yesterday 1/4, I was told that everything was looking good and to try and start putting weight back on with two crutches at first, then move to one in the next week or so. My questions are..

What type of recovery should I expect from a Cuboid Fracture?
I am a very active person and workout regulary and love to run, bike, ect..Should I expect to still be able to do these down the road? I have a lifelong goal of joining the special forces out of college, will this injury effect during the rigors of training?
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cuboid fractures tend to heal well.
as long as you were in the cast and the x-rays show healing, you should do fine.
if the fracture was displaced and involved the joint area, you may have arthritis and pain with high impact activity.
you shouldn't have any problems if the above doesn't apply.
i have patients who return to sports without any problems
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