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Heel Pain

About a month and a half ago, I got up in the morning with a sharp pain in my right heel.  Somedays it is tolerable and other days I am unable to stand and walk. I am 54 and in good health.  I had a bone density test done several months ago and no signs of arthritis or osteoporous.  Have had no injuries to the foot.  What could be causing this pain?
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sounds like plantar fasciitis.  go to footscript.com...it is a great website which can tell you how to treat plantar fasciitis.
supportive shoes, calf stretches, and icing can do wonders.
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There's a few things this could be. You could have a heel spur, planter fasciitis  or like me, you could have calcaneal bursitis, which is an inflamation in the bursa sac in your heel.
You will need to see a podiatrist to see what treatment and/or medication you may need. In my case, they've tried the steroid shot and medicine plus physical therapy. I sympathize. I know how you feel. I've been dealing with this for awhile. I guess it can take a long time to heal. I hope you find out what it is so you can get the proper treatment. Good luck!
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