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I got an spot brownish-purple in my toe

Hi a couple of weeks ago a very acute pain woke e up in the middle of the night it was my left leg big toe, I massaged but although not extremely it was oddly painful, and when I got up to go to the bathroom I had a hard time walking, next morning I noticed a purplish spot oval shape and when I touched hurt and I felt like if it is hard inside, I thought maybe I hit myself but it is not going away and I just notice another spot but on the side just by it, the first one only show on the top but it is like from the same spot but now also shows on the side. I don't know what to think about
Could you please give me some advise?
Thank you!
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not sure what this is without personally examining it.  purple spots are usually bruises.  are you wearing tight fitting shoes or engaging in high impact activities?
if they are increasing in numbers/size, go see a podiatrist.  
in the meantime, see if warm compresses to the areas make them disappear.
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