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Ingrown Toenail Issue


I have an ingrown toenail condition which has been there for a long time.
6 months ago the pain was unbearable and a local doctor recommended removal of the entire nail (not the root) and it was done. There was one hell of a pain the next day, but the pain due to the toe was gone.

Now, 6 months later, the pain has restarted, the nail has still not grown out, there is a layer of skin in front of the newly growing (?) nail which blocks it from coming out and it has started going into the skin... again. I approached the same doctor, he removed the inflammations present there and asked me to make use of a nail file (the kind that comes with a manicure set) and reduce the thickness of the central part of the nail. Once that is done, he asked me to try and lift the nail from the sides so that it can grow out. He gave me some oral antibiotics and some other tablet (calcium i think, to speed up the nail growth).

However, the edge of the nail is still (apparently) deep in the skin and I can't bring it up without being in pain.

Meanwhile, I had to meet a physician so I asked him about this toenail as well, he said rather than reducing the thickness, scraping vertically at the side of the nail will cure the condition in a short time. He also adviced antibiotics (Novaclox i think).

I went to see another doctor, surgeon this time, he said to apply a solution made out of a tablespoon of water and a small tiny minuscule amount of KMnO4 to all sides of the nail for a week, and if that does not help, removing the nail again is the only solution.

Now what do I do?

Many of these only help in reducing the swelling (pus comes out if I press both sides strongly) so how do I cure this completely, in the most painless way? Currently my nail is not very good to look at because of the KMnO4 soak, looks like someone set fire to it.

Please help.

P.S. The doctor said my nail was extremely thick, is that useful info?
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your nail root may be damaged and creating thickened nails.
if this continues to become a problem, i recommend a matrixectomy, which kills the nail root and prevents the nail from growing back.
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