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Jones Fracture

Let me start my saying I know this is only for my information.

About 6 weeks ago I had a DX of a Jones Fracture. Went back every 3 weeks and today was told that it is coming along, to wean myself off the aircast and if there is still pain come back and see me.

I told the Dr. that I teach, am on my feet all day, at the onset of this and was told to deal with it.

The question I have, or the statement I am going to make is that it looks like a second opinion may be in order. The side of the foot is still swollen and the pain comes and goes.

Disgusted over it, and more so since I need to be on my feet all day and the only response I got to that was let the pain be your guide, but your foot will stay swollen for as long as you are not off your feet.

Do I make any sense?
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a real jones fracture should warrant casting and being off your feet for 8 weeks or until it heals...however, jones fractures that aren't surgically fixed usually warrant 10- 12 weeks b/f healing occurs...  if it is merely a 5th met base fracture, you can bear weight sooner but will need to be in a walking air cast.  this can help you be active and stand while offloading the fracture.  
if you are more than 8 weeks out from the day of injury and experiencing swelling and pain, you neeed to get a second opinion.  you may have a non-union and will need surgery.
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