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Lump on side of foot

Hi, I'm a 29 year old female who found a small lump on the outside of my right foot about an inch under my ankle a few months ago. The lump is about 1 cm in size. The lump is kinda boney, and seems to transilluminate with a flashlight. Following your advice from a previous post, I recently seen a local orthopedic surgeon about it. In my medical records the doctor's diagnosis states:

"No problems with the peroneal tendons seen. This little area of bony or soft tissue swelling is associated with a litle bit of hypertrophy in the peroneal tubercle, but since it is not causing pathology with the peroneal tendons, I don't think it needs excised. The other possibility is that this may be a small ganglion cyst associated with the peroneal tendons. I will treat this with observation. I will see the patient p.r.n."

The doctor only did an x-ray. She didn't do an MRI or biopsy. The medical records almost sound like she gave me 2 different diagnosis'. Should I seek a 2nd opinion? Or does this sound like a good diagnosis?
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it would be very easy to stick a needle in the area and try to aspirate fluid from it.  if you get fluids, it is some sort of cyst.
if it is bone, the xrays would have shown this.  however, if it was cartilage, it would not appear on the films.
perhaps go to a podiatrist for a second opinion.  ..especially if it is bothering you.
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Ok thank you...
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