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Medial foot bone pain

I played in a soccer game about 4 weeks ago and have had foot pain since then.  The first night after the game, I could barely walk.  My foot felt better with icing and rest, but within a week or two I had swelling a little in front of my ankle bone on the medial side.  The bone there also hurt to touch.  The swelling went away, but 4 weeks later, I still have pain when I touch the bone in front of the ankle bone.  I pressed the area accidentally on a wooden chair leg and had a wave of nausea roll over me.  My husband ran his finger over my foot and caused me to yelp in pain when he hit the tender spot.  It hurts to stand on my toes (which also makes it painful to drive my stick shift), and I'm generally in pain after a full day of teaching.  I had an x-ray the doc said it was clear.  I also had a bone scan and the doc said it looked okay.  She suggested the possibility of osteoarthritis.  My question is, do I believe her diagnosis or is there some other explanation for the bone pain?
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It sounds like you may have an OCD (osteochondral defect) of the talus bone (which is a defect in the cartilage).  Pain is usually felt in the front of the ankle.  Worsens when going down stairs or standing on toes.  X-rays and bone scans would be negative for this finding...however, an MRI would reveal a defect.  If this test is normal..you probably have ligament/soft tissue pain which are close to the boney areas of the ankle.  If this is the case, I would get a cortisone injection.  
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