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Motion Control Plus BasketBall Shoes in Wide Size

I'm looking for a company that makes them in a 12 Wide.
Do they exist?

If so, who makes them?

I have very flat feet. I finally found the Brooks Beast and they are great.
I tried some Asics (sorry, I don't have the number on them), but they made my shins ache.

I now have some NB 1012.  We'll see how they work out.

These are all running shoes.
It's not like I'm the greatest basketball player, but I would like to try some basketball shoes to see if they can help my body on the court.

Thanks in advance.
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i don't know who carries them.
i recommend getting a neutral shoe (in your size) and placing custom orthotics in them.  this would be far superior than buying a motion control basketball shoe.  
a custom orthotic is made from a cast taken from your feet.  they will give you the arch your body will allow.  also, the orthotics can last for several years. shoes don't have much longevity and may not maximize the support your foot needs.
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