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Recurring Blisters from High Heels

I have to wear high heels for work but they like constantly give me awful blisters where the shoe rubs against the bare skin on the back of my heel and I'm always having to cover my feet in bandaids... is there a better solution?            I've tried a few different brands of high heels, and like a few different half-sizes up or down and while some are more comfortable than others, I still somehow get blisters everytime.  I've also tried pantyhose, which I totally hate, but that doesnt work for me either, because I live in the south where its usually too hot and humid to wear any hose at all, so I never wear hose.  I kinda like my job as, even though I have to stand on my feet in high heels all day, but these blisters are killing me and I'm running out of ideas.  
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people who blister tend to sweat a lot.  this allows for friction and increased motion: which causes blister.  the pads will help, but i also recommend spraying your feet with an antiperspirant and powdering the shoes.
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Hi Becky,
If you have to wear hi heels there are 2 products I can recommend for you. One is the Achilles Heel Pad made by Silopad, This is a sock that goes from just above your ankle to mid arch area. It has a gel pad interface that lies inbetween your heel and shoe. My patients love this.
The other is Hydro-Armor bandaid made by Pedinol. This sticks to your skin and acts similar to the above product.
I hope this has been helpful for you.
Bryant Tarr D.P.M.
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Thanks so much Bryant, I will totally look into the Hydro-Armor bandaids, where can I get some?
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I've heard of some people putting baby powder in their shoes before, but Ive never tried it. As far as spraying my feet with antiperspirant, that seems like a good trick I will have to try this morning. I wore high heels without house at all weekend when going to three different parties, now ive got blisters forming on the backs of my heels and on the inside arches of my feet from where the leather shoe rubbed against my bare skin. Maybe my feet are just too tender, because I had several band-aids on and still got these blisters!

Hopefully this antiperspirant and baby powder trick works! Also, if Im going to need to wear band aids or foot plasters to cover my giant blisters, should I put those on before I put spray the antiperspirant?
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This expert forum is not accepting new questions. Please post your question in one of our medical support communities.
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