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Strange foot/knee issue

I've had a problem for the last 3 years which no has been able to definitively diagnose.
After meniscus repair surgery on my right knee, I developed a cramping or spasming sensation in my right foot, mostly near the second and third toes.
This continues to happen with repetitive motion and exercise (walking, running--even biking).
I should also mention that there was a Baker's cyst present which was not removed during the surgery.
I had another meniscus tear repaired a year later, but symptoms did not go away.
I have seen two orthopedic surgeons, a podiatrist, a neurologist, a vascular surgeon with no answers.
One of the orthopedic doctors was a foot specialist.  He diagnosed it as synovitis, recommended an insert (which I attached to my orthotic, but it made no difference—even after several months.
Early on they did an an ultrasound and found no evidence of the presence of a Baker's cyst. They did some tests because they suspected it was a vascular problem, but everything was normal. The neurologist did some basic tests in his office--nothing extensive--and had no insight.  Neither did the podiatrist, who found the foot normal.
I get some tightness in the back and front of the knee just below the knee cap; however there's no pain in the knee.
I had another MRI a few months ago, which showed a slight meniscus tear.
Another weird phenomenon I've noticed: My ability to sit and "bounce" my leg--like people do when they're nervous or impatient--is inhibited.  I can do it if I really concentrate and try for a minute or two.
Does any of this make sense to anyone?
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soak your feet in a vibrating foot bath with epson salts.
do toe curling and extension exercises while soaking.
sounds like you have intrinsic muscle cramping to the muscles that govern your toes
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