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Surgery or no?

To be brief: broke my foot (Jones Fracture) on 3/12 was in a cast NWB from 3/17 through 6/18 then due to having numerous issues with the cast was put in a boot for the last few weeks.  Still NWB, still in a wheelchair.  I can't be 100% NWB due to my house not being wheelchair friendly (can't use crutches, had MAJOR issues with them). but overall I am REALLY good (maybe walk a total of 30 minutes all day (when you add up all my bathroom trips!) Anyway, after 17 weeks, I decided to get a 2nd opinion.  This Dr. (The Dr. I have been seeing since March and this guy are both specialists) says surgery.  When I look at the x-ray I can see the break, it doesn't appear to have ANY healing.  I go to the Dr. I have been seeing today, but I am sure he will say to give it another month (I received a bone stimulator 3 weeks ago).  I am so torn, I am a teacher and REALLY need to be as close to 100% in a month, I can't go back in a wheelchair  plus it's been over 4 MONTHS!  Any advice?  Thank you.
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Thank you very much.  I have decided to go ahead and get the surgery. I don't smoke at all but according to the 2nd opinion guy part (30-40%) of the problem is I am obese.  Before I broke the foot, I was doing REALLY well on losing weight but then I wasn't able to do any exercise so I of course stopped losing weight...
Unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of the Dr. to schedule it yet!  He is going to insert a screw he said.  I am very nervous but we'll see!
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yikes.  it has been 3  months and no healing... if it hasn't healed yet, i don't think it will.
i recommend surgery.    the bone edges have to be debrided and fixated.  bones usually heal in 8 weeks.  if you smoke, that can delay healing.  so quit immediately.
jones fractures usually don't heal if you can't be non-weight bearing.  the fracture site has less blood flow than at other areas of the metatarsal bone.  
you can get an external fixation minirail placed on the fracture site and be weight bearing within weeks.  once you heal (usually 8 weeks later) the device comes off and you have 4 small scar holes where the pins entered the bone.
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