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Toes do not touch the ground.

my husband has strange feet. his toes do not touch the ground. He can walk, run work do anything without any issues but his toes just kind of hang there. If I ask him to stand on tippi toes, he is actually on the balls of his feet, and the toes still do not touch the ground. Is this uncommon?
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I am not sure, have you asked a podiatrist about this?
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Has he does this his whole life? Maybe he started when he was young and got used to it. It could be something with the ankles too, though. You should ask a podiatrist about it, like what SassyLassie said. I'm sure it would help!
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it can be  due to tight shoes or prolonged standing  jobs.
according to me he should do some mild exersices like-(1)stretching his toes towards his body n then away from it(not with hands,it should be done while sitting on a flat surface with legs stretched streight)
(2) rotate  feet in clockwise and then anticlockwise(vice verca)at ankles
these exersices should be done slowly avoiding any jirk
this will improve his blood circulation to his feet
if he do these exersices daily in the morning for 10-10 minutes ,i m sure he will feel better
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