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Water Bump/Pimples on the sole of my feet

I have been noticing these water bumps/ pimples coming up on the sole of my feet lately. They are hard and seems to form under the skin. What is the reason for this? Also they come up when i wear closed shoes and there is a  burning sensation sometimes. Can you help me with this?
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sounds like you have vesicular tinea pedis.  "blister forming athlete's foot".
you need to soak your feet in epson salts and warm water to help dry out your feet.
apply Lamisil cream (found at the drug store) twice daily to the areas for 4 consecutive weeks.
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I could really used an answer here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anybody????????????
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Thank you so much!
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What about on hands? I been having them a lot of them on my hands
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