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achilles tendon

I tore my Achilles tendon 2 years ago I was in a walking boot for several months and it was healing however I fell and blew out my opposite knee, and was taken out of the boot with no physical therapy.Of course the healing was reversed.
I am currently under the care of a podiatrist here in TN, and he agrees that the next step is to fuse the ankle in order to reduce the pain as I am not able to work at this time, however as I have no insurance we are not able to do the needed surgery at this time. Also this ankle is a total surgical reconstruction  due to an injury in my childhood, and i feel alot of the docs around here are reluctant to get into the foot to do the surgery as a result.
So my question is this :
I need to find a ortho/podiatry teaching hospital that might consider doing the surgery on a pro bono basis, I feel that with the unique anatomy of my foot and the current status of my foot it might be a case with excellent learning  potential.
It may be possible that I could relocate as needed to facilitate this as I have no ties to the area I am currently in; I relocated here after Hurricane Katrina.
I am only seeking this assistance so that I may return to work and not become one of the many who are on disability needlessly.
I just want to get back on my feet both literally and figuratively.
Any suggestion would be welcomed.  
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the docs may do it for free, but the hospitals may not.  the hospital incurs a large fee everytime a patient undergoes surgery.  the staff consists of nurses, anesthesiologists, recovery nurses, and then the hospital room, food, and medications that you'll need for the 1-2 day hospital stay during your recovery.
i recommend getting on medicaid if you can't afford health insurance.
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