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broken blood vessels
I have had, for years, red discoloration on the outside of my ankles.  There has been no discomfort associated with these areas.  Recently, my feet are quite uncomfortable and the red discoloration has spread to both sides of the foot and the top of the ankle.
My history:  Male, sixty-nine years old, tall, and was overweight most of my life.  Eleven years ago I developed heart trouble and have accumulated eight stents, a pacemaker and had a couple of heart attacks, so take the usual drugs (statin, ACE and BETA blocker, aspirin, lasix, etc.  I took Plavix until last year.  I've lost 60 pounds over the eleven year period and have a normal BMI, and work out daily, mostly aerobically, some light weights.
I have had several hammertoe procedures that were routine. I have type 2 diabetes, now controlled by diet, previously by injection, then pills.
The soles of my feet are numb-feeling, while the tops of the feet and ankles are very sore.  Advil seems to help.  
Do you have an idea of what this could be?
Thank you.
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plavix thins your blood.  slight irritation to the skin can cause the skin cappillaries to break and cause the red discoloration.
swelling can also cause a brownish red discoloration to the skin as well.
they should'nt be painful.
your numb feeling has resulted from peripheral neuropathy: which is caused by the diabetes.  ask your doc to give you diabetic shoes.  they are lined with soft plastizote that will make you feel like walking on pillows.  he/she can also make an orthotic to place into the shoe to support your arches and relieve the ankle pain.
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