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foot bone spurs

I've found heel cups work well for the heel spurs but is there another insert that would help with bone spurs on the outside area of the foot? Will surgery remove them indefinitely or can they return?
Thank you
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there's not much out there that can offload spurs to the outer foot.
surgery usually permanently removes them.
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I noticed a hard, bony lump on the top of my left foot about the size of two peas. It is located between my little toe and the fourth toe, about 2 inches up towards my ankle. It seems to be getting bigger and the place where it is located tingles continuously. It also hurts really bad when I put my bare foot on a step,  it hurts right under my little toe. I have suffered with a broken left ankle approx 20 years ago after being thrown from a horse and have had ligament reconstruction surgery to the same ankle in 2006 when 3 of my ligaments were ruptured Does anybody have the same thing? or could you enlighten me to what it could be? I haven't a clue and would have missed it if I had not been bothered by the tingling sensation as I don't really take much notice of my feet.lol:)
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just in case anyone is curious it turns out to be a ganglion cyst.

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