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foot hernia

I had a triple fusion of my right ankle last year. It has been a full year since my surgery.  In the last 2 weeks I noticed a bump sticking out of the inner portion of my right foot.  I did go to the doctor to see if perhaps some of the metal screws had come loose and was poking out of my foot . Everything was inplace.  The doctor said I had a hernia of my foot. I did not know hernias could form in the foot? My concern is, Can it become a problem? Can it be repaired?  I know hernias in other areas can be fixed. Is there anything I can do about  the hernia?  I sure would appreciate any information you can give me on this problem. thank you, Mish456
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hernias can not occur in the foot b/c there are no loose organs that can protrude in the foot.  there is a type of fat herniation (pieziogenic papules) that can occur in the heel, but only have very small protrusions (which are easily seen upon standing on the foot).
it sounds like something else is going on in the foot.  i would get a second opinion.
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