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i have been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis

i have been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis a couple of weeks back & doctor asked me to have medicine for 15 days but the pain still persists & there is no difference. the medicines are Rabeprazole tablets IP 20mg & signoflam (aceclofenac 100 mg, paracetamol 500 mg, serratiopeptidase 15 mg)

Kindly guide me so as to what has to be done as the pain is very much there & starts sharply in the morning & persists the whole day.

Waiting for a reply

Thanks & regards
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do calf stretches.  dip the heels off the edge of the stairs while keeping your knees straight.  hold the dip for 15 seconds and repeat this 10 times.  do this in the am and pm.
ice the area daily for 15 minutes.  get a new pair of running shoes and place orthotics in them.  i like the brand Superfeet.
if the pain doesn't improve in 1 week, get a cortisone injection to the area.  stop taking all the medications your doctor prescribed.  instead, take 2 alleve in the morning with food and in the evening with food for 3 days only.
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