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my 5 year old son has intense foot pain

About a year ago it started out as once or twice a month. My healthy five-year old son wakes in the night screaming of foot pain. He is inconsolable. He complains that the foot hurts on the top. His toes, arch, heel, etc. don't hurt him. He's able to walk on the foot and it's never the same foot each time. When this happens he can scream for up to an hour at a time and sometimes this happens twice a night. It is becoming more frequent and is now occuring a couple of nights a week or more. His pediatrician found no abnormality.

His feet do not hurt during the day and he's a normal, active child.  

We are perplexed because he does not whine during these incidents. He curls up and tears just roll down his face as he cries as if he is truly in great pain. This is a child that doesn't even flinch at a bee sting. He seems to have a rather high pain tolerence, except with this.

The only thing that seems to bring any minor relief is getting his foot "cold" as he puts it- pulling it out from under the covers.

We are a stable family with no disfunctional circumstances. He is not in daycare but does attend 1/2 day kindergarten. He is not having any problems at school and these incidents don't appear to be related to any particular events in the daylight hours that come before or after. In every respect he is normal in development.

Can someone PLEASE help???
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i would have him tested to rule out circulatory issues, tumors, and nerve compromise.
it sounds like he may have a bone tumor (which is benign) called osteoid osteoma.  it affects children and the pain usually presents at night (but relieved by aspirin or other antiinflammatories)
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