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swollen feet unexpected (no injury)

I'm a 38yr female overweight by 30 lbs. I have not had an injury or situation that would have caused the issues with my feet.

Issue: For the past eight months I've been having painful swelling and numbness in both my feet (particularly right foot). The swelling has stayed consistent but there have been changes in the symptoms. For example the numbness was present for about the first five months and occurred at night while in bed. Now I am having pain in my right arch and big toe (read below).

Single incident: About seven months ago after a lot of walking, I had severe shooting pain under my right knee. A couple of veins on the inner knee seemed to have "popped' and are now visible.

On going: Today the tingling seems to have gone away but now the big toe on my right foot is extremely painful. It feels like my toe needs to be cracked (like cracking your knuckles). I am also experiencing pain on my right arch and pain going up from my foot to the front of my knee on both sides of the bone.

Besides the swelling my feet look normal (NO redness, color change, warmth, etc).  I'm concerned since I have had no injury but the swelling and pain have continued.
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get an xray to see if you are developing a bone cyst or arthritic joints.
the other pains you are experiencing could result from walking abnormaly to compensate for the pain.
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