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At a loss with treatment

Hello, all! I fractured my left tibia and growth plate when I was 14 and did not need surgery due to location. After healing I have problems with movement of the ankle, foot numbness, and foot being cold. 12 years later I broke the right side transverse processes L1-L4 being bucked off a horse. Had a bulging disc L4 L5 which "healed" and turned into degeneration. Also L5-S1 has severe degeneration as a result of everything. My left foot now has very little feeling and I have developed foot drop. The orthopedic surgeon I see has ordered MRI, CT scan, and X-ray. He stated he clearly sees why I have back pain (well, duh), but does not see any spinal related reason to have foot drop. He ordered an EMG and found that there's very little issues with my sciatic, so he doesn't understand the foot drop. I have an uncle who is a neurosurgeon, and another who is a radiologist. Both have told me that EMGs do not read small fiber nerves, and that sometimes it's very difficult to find the root cause(s) of foot drop. I live in a small town so there's not many doctors to see, unless I can make the two and half hour drive to Phoenix. I go to PT as required, do the at home exercises and stretches as I'm told, but here I am a year and five months later and zero improvement. I have asked my doctor for a prescription for a custom AFO and he just says keep doing PT. I have tried the AFO braces from Amazon, but they none of them fit my Hobbit feet. My ankle swells from dragging my foot. I'm at a loss. I'm only 27 years old and missing out on so much. My amazing wife and I are expecting our first child in 6 months and I don't want to miss out doing dad things due to having trouble walking. Has anyone had problems with their doctor not sending you for a custom AFO? Please help.
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