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What are you key issues with current brace?

Hi everyone!

I am currently designing a brace for foot drop. I began this project last year when I was astounded by the lack of design in today's orthotics.

Alot of the braces currently on the market are overpriced, uncomfortable, unhygienic, bulky and simply ugly to wear.

I have a design that I am just tweeking at the moment so I would really appreciate some feedback. I want to solve as many problems as possible.

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Hi Linda, i have had foot drop for just over a year now and have 3 different types of brace.  The first one i purchased from the internet was the foot up and foot up shoeless which i found to be bulky and not very comfy, although wearing the foot up with trainers wasn't to bad, then i found the Dorsi-Lite Foot Splint which i found to be better than my first brace but because i have worn it that much the velcro strips that are glued onto the plastic brace are starting to come off.  I wear this brace mostly in the house as i can wear it with bare feet or slippers and the one i wear outside is from the orthotics from my hospital which provided me with the Dynamic Walk AFO, this feels and makes me look like i am walking near normal if i dare say that.  One of the problems i am having with it at the moment is after i have been walking in it for a while i get a burning feeling and pain in the ball joint of my big toe, this becomes that painful that i start to limp.  I am still going to the orthotic clinic about this problem and so far have had a pair of insoles made of which one is cut away around the said ball joint and i had to have them cut down at the heel as they were to thick and pushing my feet out of my shoes when i walked.  I am still getting the pain in my toe joint so at my last visit they gave me something to go over my foot that has a gel pad that sits over the ball joint to cushion it, and it works for a while but then the problem starts again, so i have another appointment on the 7th January.  Hope some of this helps and look forward to hearing about this new brace as your right, they are unsightly and uncomfortable and i find your limited as to what you can wear on your feet.
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Hi Shasha,
Sorry about the delay in my reply. Thank you very much for the information you shared. Just a quick question. I hope to tackle mild to moderate foot drop with my design. I feel that there are alot of products on the market for moderate to severe foot drop. Do you find that the Dynamic Walk AFO is a bit of an overkill for your situation. Something similar to your first two products would have suited you better if only they were more durable and aesthetically pleasing?

You can find us on Facebook "Foot Drop Hub"

Thank You for your time.
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