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Has anyone ever recovered from foot drop?

Hi Everyone,
I recently had emergency surgery because I had developed foot drop from a bulging disc that was compressing my nerve.  I had surgery on the L4 and L5-S1 discs.  I developed the foot drop on the same day as the surgery.  I am three weeks out from the surgery and I have yet to see any sort of improvement on it.  If anyone has any positive stories or good advice I would be interested in hearing it as I am starting to get depressed by the lack of progress with my foot.
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My foot drop started with a foot injury (insertional peroneus brevis tendonitis) in April 2016 that made me walk incorrectly and caused lower back pain.  I was in terrible pain in May 2016. I fell 3xs before I realized there was anything wrong with my foot gait.  I was diagnosed with foot drop in June.  After x-rays, MRI, and EMG it was determined I only had degenerative disc disease with no bulges or herniations.  I have very little ankle dorsiflexion and cannot walk heel-to-toe on my left foot.  I've seen several orthopedists who want to do spinal fusion surgery with a long and difficult recovery and no guarantee of success.  I have been prescribed a full ankle AFO but haven't gotten it yet.  I don't want to "give in" to that yet.  Currently seeing a chiro who practices acupuncture and have had a little improvement.  

But I'm hopeful and will never give up.  I'm glad I found a community to talk about my concerns and frustrations.
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