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i need some advice

Hi. I honestly feel like I wanna die. Im waiting for my exam at the hospital in two weeks but mean while i have been eating 40mg of Esomeprazol morning and night. I dont know yet if u have Gerd or ulcers but i feel like im litteraly having a never ending panic attack. The pills tale away the throatburn but i still feel like vomiting all the time. I have shortness of breath. And my entire stomach and intestants from my shoulders down to my colon feels like its on fire. And I probably go to the toilet 7 times a day. I always feels like i am horribly hungry cus of the burning but i also throw up acid after meals. But if i dont eat i get Even worse. Now its getting hard to separate my gastro issues from my thoughts cus the pain is so similar to the stomach ache you feel during panic attacks.do anybody have any advice for me? Cus this is really ruining my quality of life and my psyche. I am a 26 yr old girl and i can hardly leave my house because of these acid problems.
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Hello~I am so sorry you have having all these uncomfortable issues.  Since you are feeling so badly, I suggest that you try to get in sooner to see your doctor, those two weeks will seem like forever while you are feeling like you are, you really need some help now.
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Thank you so much. I Will call the hospital i think. Its Just so Long waiting lists in my country
Thank you again. Turns out i have ulcers so im glad i called.
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