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reasons why test for barrets esophagus positive ,one time and negative the next time also chronic gerd and nausea and stomach pain

I have Chronic gerd with almost chronic nausea and stomach pain. I recently had yet another endoscopy which shows nothing this time. The first one tests positive for  barretes esophagus and h pylori which was treated. Now the following ones have treated negative for barretes esophagus. So I have been told yes i still do have barrets but how can that be so if it now test negative? also I take nexium 40 mg twice a day along with ranitidine 300 mg at bed time for chronic gerd cough and aspirating stomach acid yet the endoscopy shows no erosion.  I have had two vocal cord injection procedures due to loss of voice from gerd also how can i have so much reflux nausea, stomach pain and all tests so far be negative. I know i had a gastric emptying scan  which was borderline last year. my stomach is so bloated I am afraid to eat because it sometimes will feel good then a hour later it hurts so much and stays for hours and hours. I have not lost weight in fact have gained   even though there are weeks like last week were i managed fluids and a cup of rice and broth. none of this makes sense i am fifty one.  Food is supposed to be enjoyable not painful or fearful to eat. I have even tried regglen but i am the oddity that has a huge problem with lactation on reglen. I just wish i could eat and not wonder if it will feel good or make me feel sick . the same for the reflux i am so confused barrets or not, why so much acid?
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Wow I have a lot of those same symptoms.  Haven't found a lot of people where the proton pumps don't help. I have a lot of belching, bloating (3-5 hours after I eat)
I'm only 38 and have had this for 3 months with little relief and no real results from the endoscopy.I have thought lost 9 lbs due to not being able to eat much. I totally get the being afraid to eat. And the Reglan has so many bad side affects(tiredness) that I can't get thru the day.  This weekend I had the worst nausea bout for most of the 3 days.  I definitely feel your pain.  I'm about ready to go to a holistic center for curing this disease.  I think they could get further than these gastroenterologists!
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Chronic GERD can lead to peptic or gastric ulcers.  You may now have PUD, from what your symptoms are, pain with food, you may have a gastric ulcer.

Barettes esophagitis is reversable.

Remember to do your part with the lifestyle modifications (weight loss, stop smoking, progesterone only birth control pills, caffiene, small meals, nothing spicy, no peppermints, calcium channel blockers, all serve to lower the tone of the stomach sphincter).
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I'm a 52 year old woman, and I'm very nervous and confused.  For past 3-1/2 months I've had off and on nausea, stomach cramping (not severe except for one time a week ago), semi-loose stools, bloating/full feeling in stomach, and a general feeling of "not feeling well."  I forgot to mention I started to feel lousy shortly after a bout of food poisoning.  I wonder if there's any connection?  I've lost about 8 pounds in past 2 months, also experiencing gas and slight feeling of "reflux" after some meals.  My appetite is okay most of the time.  Lately I'm getting scared to eat (but I still do) because I don't know how it'll affect my GI tract. In the past couple of months I've also had a few bouts of "dry heaves."  My father was 52 when he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  His symptoms were very similar to mine.  He had to have surgery, but he dealt with it and lived a better quality of life once he had the surgery and took his meds.  I have a feeling I have Crohn's too.  Then again, could it be GERD, or an ulcer??  Can nausea be a symptom of Crohn's?  I have a doctor appointment next month, but I'm going to see if I can get in next week because I can't suffer another month with these symptoms.  Sorry this was so long, but if anybody can relate or help me ease my mind I'd appreciate it a lot.  I also have generalized anxiety disorder (which includes health anxiety), so this is especially nerve wracking for me.  I'm already over-anxious about the diagnostic tests I know the doc is going to want to do.
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