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1 week later... and advice to all GERD sufferers

Hi there,

I must say, that out of all the Operations that I've had in my life, this
one was the op with the least complications and mimimal pain and discomfort.

I am now 1 week post-op after Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication and the scarring looks good and I can
survive without any painmeds.  The only issues that I had post-op (but that it just the way my body handles surgery) was bladder dysfunction and bowel-issues.  Pain and discomfort for a few days, but nothing that Morphine and painmeds can not control :)

BEFORE the Fundo:  I used to "burp" after every single thing that I ate or drank.  I had this permanent burning pain in my ribs and burning pains across my sternum.  For more than 3 years I had a hoarse voice, throat red and infected and at nights I had a lot of reflux and discomfort and could not sleep without the help of sleeping medication.  I took 40-80mg of Nexium daily.  Due to the severe GERD I now have Barrets Esophagus.

NOW:  my voice is sounding better, I don't burp, that burning pains are gone and my throat will begin healing soon.  Night reflux - gone.

Out of my experience, I can advice you:

When you feel you have GERD symptoms go and get a referral to a GASTRO ENTEROLOGIST (a General Surgeon that does Gastroscopies are not good enough).  Get some diagnostic tests done, i.e.:  Endoscopy to find out why you have GERD in the first place (weakened LES?  Hiatal Hernia?  Barrets?)  and from there on you can go for 24 HR PH Impedance study or normal 24hr PH Study and Manomatric study.

For some GERD sufferers medication (PPI's and over the counter meds) and changes in diet and lifestyle can prevent you from having surgery.  But if your GERD is uncontrollable and takes over your life, then find out if you are a surgical candidate for FUNDOPLICATION.

It has changed my life in just 1 week.  I can not wait to feel what it would be like to eat healthy and life a normal life again.

All the best,
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  Thanks for sharing ur post op experience...we have had a few with bad experiences with this surgery, and not having had it myself, I can not comment to it at all except to say here is a link to another thread, or this person had issues....

I do have a hiatal hernia, and have experienced the burping and heart burn, but having other medical issues I found relief with surgery for those issues...I am not in need of gerd meds on a reg basis....

  I am very glad to hear u had such a positive experience and appreciate ur sharing it.

  I pray ur recovery continues on it current path : )

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I'm glad it is going so well for you.  I had the same excellent results after having the surgery almost two years ago.  It appears I will have a followup Endoscope soon, it will be interesting to see if the Barrett's Esophogus cell change rate has slowed.  
I think that often those that have the Nissen Fundoplication procedure and have problems may have rushed into eating solid foods too soon.  Also, people are much more apt to post problems rather than successes.  The satisfaction/success rate for this surgery is actually extremely high.
It sure changed my life.  Like you, my voice is better.  My reflux was so bad I had to have my teeth capped, they turned black in about a one month period (I've had them capped!)  
I'm glad it went so well.
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It's great you are feeling better after that situation with your bladder and bowels.  

I am not headed in the surgery route at this time; my GERD seems to be under control with diet and lifestyle thank goodness.  Like SelmaS, I am not needing meds on a daily basis.  Hated to give my coffee up though.  :(

Well, happy for you too.
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