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5 yr old w/ chronic stomach pain

Hello... I am posting about my daughter who is 5. She has GERD, has tested positive for H-Pylori 2x's and finished both rounds of meds and has Chronic stomach pain with a new symptom.. burning in her stomach.. She is scheduled for another EGD on the 23rd.. I think that they are going to see if she has an ulcer.. but I am wonder if there is anything else that they should be looking for. They have done blood tests (previously) for H-Pylori. Neg blood test,  H-pylori (EGD)Positive biopsy. Celiac Neg,gluten allergy Neg, she also has test negitive via blood sample to all food allergies except a small one to egg whites.. She also has bouts of Vomitting that come in about 3 month periods where her food doesnt digest and its like her stomach fills to its fullest and empties via vomitting. She has poor weight gain and is simply miserable most of the time. Is it possible that the blood test for food allergies or gluten allergy could be wrong? Is there any other tests that might help figure out what is going on? Thanks Misty
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I cannot comment on whether the tests for celiac and other allergies could be wrong.  
The evaluation done so far is appropriate.
An upper GI endoscopy is the next test that needs to be done.
Inflammatory bowel disease  and parasitic infections are other significant causes of abdominal pain, poor weight gain etc in children.
The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.
- Ratnakar Kini M.D.

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OH I forgot to mention that she is on Prevacid 30mg (dropped down from 60mg just today)
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I have a 3 year old with the same type of symptoms. Our doctor took her off the prevacid and put her on a generic form of zantac. The one we started on was a liquid it was very spendy. now she is on a capsule that I give her the poder inside this has worked well for us because I can put    
the powder in almost anything. ex pb&j sandwich,  applesauce, yogurt, I have even mixed it in with some of her drinks. the doc we are seeing tells us if this med quits working we will have to do more tests but until then these tests are pretty stressful. I wish you the best
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