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5yr old girl with gerd HELP HELP

My husband and I just found out that our 5yr old daughter has GERD. It all started about a month and a half ago with what we thought was her tonsilis. She wasn't eating and said that she thought she would choke. I took her to the DR he said that her tonsilis where swollen but not enough to pervent eating and that it was in her head and she would eat when she wanted to and wouldn't starve. I wasn't happy with him and I took her to a ENT DR and he put a tube down her thoart and said there where no signs of cancer and yes her tonsilis where swollen but not really bad and her adnoids where fine. She hasn't had a fever or a cough or swollen glands yet. I took her to yet another Dr and made sure that they understood all my concerns, she wasn't eating, was losing weight, wasn't sleeping well,her breath smelled like chemicals, and all food was sour, which is the same thing I told the first DR. This DR said she has GERD and gave her Zantac 4 days ago.
Well with the background down here is my question:
She still is not eating anything solid and will only drink and eat baby food, We are giving her Pedisure when will she eat and could there be more wrong then? How long does Zantac take to work?
She is over 4ft tall and weighs 48lbs.
Thank you very much to anyone whom can help.

2 very worried parents in WI
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Hi...sorry ur daughter is going thru this...there is a list of foods to avoid...I also would raise the head of her bed approx 6 ".....do not let her eat 3 hrs prior to going to bed.....please see the health pages icon top right of this page......

Any med for gerd will take several days to start taking effect.

May I ask how r her bowel movements?....there is a chart in the health pages as well to give an idea of what a "normal"   movement should be.

If she is not getting enuff out it can cause the Full feeling thus she doesn't want to eat.....keep a journal of what she is eating and when and keep track of her symptoms to see if there is a trigger such as a food allergy.

Please keep us updated as to her progress!!

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am also very sorry to hear your daughter's story. It is a very familiar one to me. My 16 year old daughter starting vomiting after her second feeding at birth and did not stop until she had a j-tube(feeding tube) surgically placed in her small bowel at age 8.  Her case is very severe obviously, but I do know how you feel. Raising the head of her bed does help to a degree. The Zantac will take about 2 weeks to really start to help her. My advice to you is don't stop questioning her doctors until she is feeling better. I feel if we had been more aggressive in the beginning, our daughter may not have ended up with a feeding tube. Our Daughter also takes Nexium along with Zantac. She was also diagnosed with Motility disorder( her digestive tract does not function at the proper speed) and takes a drug called Domperidone for that. Does your daughter refuse to eat breakfast or wants it hours after getting up? That is common with people with reflux problems. Definately watch how late at night she eats. If pediasure is what she wants right now, let her drink that. If you don't find the Zantac is working, go back. Has she had an upper GI to confirm Gerd? If not ask for one. Good luck to you, and my heart goes out to your little angel.
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