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A post funoplication diet


For over the past 2 years I have been suffering from chronic heartburn which gradually turns to nausea and vomiting, After an endoscopy done it indicated that I had GERD and the main symptoms that I had where (intense) regurgitation, belching, spit up. heartburn not some much because here is where the medicines did there job I took once/day Nexium 20mg and 3times/day montillium 10mg all medication where taken on a daily basis.
Im going to undergo a lap. fundoplication in this summer(2010) since medicine clearly failed.

Im an 18 year old adult weighing 62kgs and 5'8'' in height Im looking to gain adquate weight after surgery, what do you recommend? I thought of taking whey protien shakes and creatine as a post fundoplication diet as for the first couples fo weak I am only supposed to get liquid intake. Does bodybuilding supplementations or even Bodybuilding dietary plans in anyway affect the fundoplication?

Yours sincerly,
Naser A
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Hi...u mention u were on meds, but u never said nething about modifying ur diet and lifestyle along with the meds?See the Health Pages for more info....

As for post Nissen surgery, I have not had it, so I suggest u ask ur dr about what u plan on having afterward so u know in advance what u can expect to have.

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If u look at the weight  BMI info on this link which can be found on ur home page it can help u with calories and if ur caloric intake is correct for the weight u want to remain u should not need something to help gain  weight...it is the nutrition search  ...http://www.medhelp.org/personal_pages/my_home/862904?personal_page_id=862904&user_app_id=3

Ur dr should be able to help u with this better than I can as I have not had the procedure.....I am able to watch my diet in order to avoid the surgery....if it gets worse, I will try the chiropractor manipulation of the hernia first.

The lasting effects of this is diff for each person as there may be restrictions from the surgery u must be aware of....ur dr will inform u on all of those.

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What do you  mean by "as long as u keep ur caloric intake the same for ur weight" ?
Does it affect the fundoplication (rap) in anyway in terms of calorie intake?
How long does the  rap fundoplication stay effective ?

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Hi....I am sure u should be ok as long as u keep ur caloric intake the same for ur weight.....sometimes supplements have other things in them that can affect ur digestion...so do talk to ur Dr.

I can also suggest that ur time table to eat may be too close to bed time...it is recommended that u not lie down for 3 to 4 hrs after eating...that is a general guideline...may be u should try 5 hrs to see if that helps.

Bland diet is not always the best way to look at ur options with GERD....what u need to look at is what affects u and when....even "bland foods" can affect some people...remove the foods or spice that affects u.

I am not sure bodybuilding can be done without lifting weights...lifting can affect a hiatal hernia and that is what u r getting fixed...not sure this is a good idea.Deff talk to ur dr about a safe way to lift...and work out.


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The main question is it possible to gain weight (like follow a high calorie  diet and use supplementations like whey protien and creatine..etc) and get into bodybuilding (Not intense) after a Lap.fundoplication...?
Just a simple yes or no answer :). Plus, I will contact a doctor anyway but Im just checking for the possiblity on the net.
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Dear selma,
Thank you for your reply :)

My diet is a very bland diet in general,
In general no matter what I've eaten I would feel like its coming back up my throat hours after eating it *Regurgitation*.
I spread my meals over the day  and eat until a maximum of 8pm and sleep at 11pm or 12am and still would wake up with a bad taste in my mouth.
The worst thing in my consition that with frequent heartburn I get very nauseous to the point  where I would actually throw up or try to throw up but nothing would come out.
Once again im skinny as hell :( ...

I've tried all the pillars for controlling GERD and nothing worked so for the past couple of months daily I would eat the same meals at the same time just to pass time by and also that this condition wont affect me in my university studies.

I think surgery is the only affective options for me and to actually start living life.

Naser. A. M
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