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Abdominal pain

Hi.I am a perfectly healthy 25 yrrs old guy and never had any helth problem of any kind. I have an active lifestyle but smoke about 5-6 cig a day and also have been eating spicy forever. I have been experiencing mild pain in the centre of my chest since last couple of months or may be more. It lasts for a couple of minutes and subsides by itself. I describe it as mild but sharp pain behind the ribs, may be a bit towards the right and kind of radiating to the back. I just started experiencing it and the frequency is like once a month but still I am getting corncerned. I don't think it is related to cornary disease but somehow feel it might be GERD or something. Still really worried, if someone can offer any advice or insight I would really apreciate it..Thanks all  
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Hi and welcome to the GERD forum.

U may not want to hear this but smoking can be a contributor to ur problem...it is on the list of things besides spicey food to avoid...meds along with diet and lifestyle changes ( smoking) can affect the way u feel and if u continue to develope a persistant GERD issue.

Ask ur pharmacist what OTC med will be best for u....if ur problem persists please see a GI dr.

Please see our Health Pages here on MedHelp.

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After dealing with my four month old girl with GERDS, I'd say you should try something over the counter for that, and if it doesn't help I'd see a GI Specialist. I tried many things  with my little girl, but ended up going to a GI Specialist. How long have you been smoking, more than likely it's not the smoking that is causing the issue. I honestly think it sounds like GERDS, try something over the counter like prilosec. Good luck and I hope you are feeling better soon.
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